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Table of Contents

【Ranking Entry Criteria】

Dragon RankingTiger Ranking
Won more than ₱1,000 in a single round.Won more than 400 times in a single round.

【Ranking List Rules】

Daily Champion: Awarded to player with highest winning credits on the daily ranking list.

Weekly Champion: When the seventh daily champion is generated, the weekly champion is awarded to the daily champion with highest winning credit out of all seven daily champions.

Monthly Champion: When the fourth weekly champion is generated, the monthly champion is awarded to the player who won the most times of daily champions during the four-week period.

【Dragon Ranking Prizes】

Daily ChampionWeekly ChampionMonthly Champion

【Tiger Ranking Prizes】

Daily ChampionWeekly ChampionMonthly Champion

【Important Notice】

  1. Dragon Ranking and Tiger Ranking are two independent ranking lists that generate their own daily, weekly, and monthly champions.
  2. If credit won in a round of game meets the criteria for both Dragon and Tiger Rankings, the player can also enter both ranking lists.
  3. Dragon and Tiger Rankings are calculated daily between 00:00:00 ~ 23:59:59 and the player with highest winning credit during that day is the daily champion.
  4. Prizes for daily, weekly, and monthly champions are automatically transferred into the winner’s account on the next day by 3 pm in the afternoon.
  5. If there are two or more monthly champions at the same time, the prize amount will be split equally among them.
  6. If no one enters the ranking list during that day, the system will automatically extend the period until someone enters the ranking list.
  7. When the “Double Up” function is used after a round of game, that round will not be considered in this promotion event regardless if the player won or lost the “double up”.
  8. If any jackpot prize is won during a round of game, that round will not be considered into the Dragon and Tiger Rankings.
  9. All prizes do not have wager restrictions and could be withdrawn immediately.
  10. This event is only available for JDB, CQ9, RT and JILI slot games(Not included JILI:War Of Dragons).
  11. IBETPH reserves the right to modify, end, and cancel promotions and events at anytime.
  12. IBETPH reserves the right to freeze all accounts and funds without prior notice to any individual or organization who are suspected of using dishonest methods to receive promotion benefits.
  13. IBETPH reserves the right of final interpretation. To prevent misunderstanding in the written information provided, please contact our customer service for clarification.

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