IBETPH – Maya/ GRABPAY Deposit Bonus

IBETPH - Maya GRABPAY Deposit Bonus

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Maya/ GRABPAY Deposit Bonus Giveaway (ONE TIME ROLLOVER only)

Promotional client target: All active I-BETPH members
Promotion Platform: All Games

Maya/GRABPAY Promotion Description:

  • Members that made deposits into their I-BET account via Maya/GRABPAY will get an additional bonus directly under their preferred game wallet. Members will only need to reach only ONE TIME ROLLOVER before continuing to make any withdrawal from their account
  • Criteria: Minimum deposit amounting 200 pesos and above and the said deposit MUST be made via Maya/GRABPAY only

Bonus Distribution Details:

  • Deposit 200P: GET 15 Pesos extra
  • Deposit 500P: GET 50 Pesos extra
  • Deposit 1000P: GET 108 Pesos extra
  • Deposit 3000P: GET 338 Pesos extra


  • The following bonus distributed are required to have ONE TIME ROLLOVER before withdrawal can be made
  • Members can only receive once a day

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